How to deposit money into Bitmex?

Bitmex is a P2P crypto trading platform that allows users from all over the world to trade in Bitcoin and other crypto coin derivatives. As a rule, the platform only deals with bitcoin. This allows them to offer the services with minimal documentation and verification.

 In this article, we will explain how to deposit money into your Bitmex account to start trading.

All transactions with Bitmex can be made in only with bitcoin. If you have USD/EUR or other fiat currency, head over to a Binance or Kucoin or another exchange that allows USD/XBT pairing and convert your money into bitcoin. Then, you can come back to Bitmex and start trading.

On the left-hand navigation bar, click on Account/Wallet and then choose Deposit. The screen will prompt you to confirm your country of residence. Choose your country and click on Submit.

After they verify your location, they will provide you with a personal multi-signature bitcoin deposit address. This will be your personal wallet within Bitmex. Use either the QR code or copy and paste your wallet address to send bitcoin from your personal wallet. Please send only bitcoin. If you send litecoins or other currency to your Bitmex address, it will be lost.

 Confirmation will take about 1 block -approximately 10 minutes. But it may take longer if you did not add the bitcoin network fee. Once the deposit is received, you will get an email confirmation and an alert on your dashboard.

Once your account is filled, you can start trading.

Please note: Bitmex is not available to residents of the USA, Canada (Quebec) and a few other countries. The service identifies you based on your IP and if it determines you are using Bitmex from a restricted location, your position will be liquidated and your account will be closed.

 Owing to its usage of Bitcoin, the Exchange does not come under any regulatory authority’s purview except that of Seychelles. And the Exchange is not suited for beginners. If you don’t know how to handle bitcoin, do not try to learn it at Bitmex. First, learn about bitcoin and how trading works. And then gradually build you your trading knowledge before you open an account at Bitmex. Once you understand how derivatives work and you get a good idea of how the price fluctuation works, you can make a lot of money using the 100x leverage offered at Bitmex.

Amazon Just Bought Three Domain Names Related To Cryptocurrency


Amazon is stirring up many speculations online that the giant ecommerce retailer is joining the cryptocurrency world by their recent purchase of three crypto-related domains.

According to information, three domains were recently purchased -“,” “” and “” – which were registered on October 31. The domains are ranked to Amazon Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of, Inc. that has been attributed to past patent filings from the e-commerce company.

Phone numbers listed on the registration documents connect to Amazon’s legal department, though a representative of that office could not be reached by press time. At this time, it’s not entirely clear what purpose the domain names will serve. There are no official statements yet or announcements as to the purpose or route the company is taking with their recent purchase of these cryptocurrency-related domains.

According to DomainNameWire, Amazon may be simply moving to safeguard its brand. Many giant companies are doing the same strategies to protect their respective brands. Back in 2013, Amazon secured “,” which currently redirects to Amazon’s main page – an arrangement that further suggests the protective intent of the registration.

The world of cryptocurrency has been on a spike, it has been hotter than ever, as is evident by the market cap of cryptocurrency now hitting a new high amounting to over $187 billion.

The VP of Amazon Pay, Patrick Gauthier, told CNBC last month that Amazon has no plans on accepting cryptocurrency as there’s been no real demand for it. This is probably true as the vast majority of online purchases are recently being done via debit and credit cards, as well as payment processors like PayPal. Plus, there’s the volatility of cryptocurrency to consider; among others. While individuals who hold Bitcoin love to see jumps of 10% or more, most businesses prefer a much more stable currency.

As for the domain names secured by Amazon, it’s likely due to them just securing the sites to protect their brand name. Many companies snatch up sites using their name in order to keep others from using them. This is just one way of thinking ahead of competition.

As more and more businesses accept Bitcoin and other digital currencies, Amazon will have to move to do the same in order to keep their insanely huge market share intact. Not to mention that the cryptocurrency market cap continues to explode. Bitcoin now has a higher market cap than major companies like American Express, Nike, and United Technologies.

If, or when, Amazon moves into cryptocurrency – It’ll definitely have a major impact on the financial market. When a rumor that Amazon was going to accept Bitcoin popped up a few weeks ago, the price of Bitcoin jumped. I honestly can’t imagine Amazon not eventually moving to accept cryptocurrency. Their whole method of operation is to crush the life out of their competitors, so they’ll have to adopt cryptocurrency if enough competing businesses do. When that happens, we just have to make sure that we have lots of bitcoins to invest.

How To Invest In Real Estate With Little Money


Most people nurse the idea that they have to earn big or have very big capital to start an investment, but the truth is that, you can start with the small money and grow your investment or venture with time and hard work. All that you would need to do is be determined that you really want to invest in a particular venture to start with.

Investment is any venture you put money or invest money into with the hope of getting profits in the nearest future. Even if you are an employee, there is no harm having one or two side investments that will be yielding consistent profits for

Often, the main problem for investors is not the low income itself. With interest rates so low at the moment, servicing the debt is not as bad as it once was.

The main problem is that most banks require a deposit and they want it to come from the borrower through demonstrating ‘genuine savings’. For a low-income earner, it’s challenging to show genuine savings when most of their income already goes on day-to-day living expenses and rent or mortgage payments.

That doesn’t mean everyday investors are locked out of the property market. Far from it. Just because you don’t earn a six-figure salary doesn’t mean you can’t afford to invest in property. But what are some of the barriers you need to overcome, and what strategies can low-income earners use to grow their property portfolio?

Here are steps on how to invest in real estate with little money:

  • Get your finances in order. Do this by consolidating debts, cancelling credit cards, renegotiating your regular bills, and creating a savings plan. The beauty of getting your finances in order is that, regardless of your next steps as an investor, simply by creating a solid foundation you will pave the way for a better financial future. When you’re unclear about your finances, it’s impossible to move forward with focus and drive. By having control over your finances it will not only help you get ahead as an investor but you will be able to manage your lifestyle more effectively, which is a skill everyone can benefit from.
  • Get partners. Want to fast-track your journey towards property ownership? One of the most common ways to do so is to buddy up with a partner and invest as a team. Applying for a loan with a partner or family member may be a good way to boost your deposit, increase your borrowing power and split the repayments.
  • Invest in commercial properties. Most property buyers default to residential real estate when contemplating their first investment, but investor James Dawson says there are often far greater profits to be made on commercial property investments.
  • Look for lenders. As a lower-income earner, you need to find a lender who is willing to extend funds your way, and there are certain banks you should approach over others.

Business experts have always laid emphasis on how important it is for one to have multiple streams of income. It is for that reason that a lot of folks are beginning to buy into the investment culture. This has however caused people to look for ways to invest wisely in real estate property even with little money.

Bitcoin vs DASH – A Comparison Review

The dominance of one cryptocurrency is obvious – Bitcoin, being the king, has been leading the pack but it seems there are other digital currencies that people should consider – like DASH. Like most cryptocurrency users are very knowledgeable of, there are various currency groups that should be taken into account.

The dominant cryptocurrencies all offers something that’s likely different, though several are mostly clones that are copy-pasted. There is some big difference however between those dominant cryptocurrencies, because if not the difference between would be insignificant to discuss about.

Bitcoin’s Reign

After some lows in 2015 Bitcoin has been headed upwards, first steadily, and then dramatically as of this year. Yes, bitcoin’s success is impossible to ignore. Although bitcoin has problems also that needs to be addressed like privacy and scalability, it has been the leading cryptocurrency in the world with relative ease. Bitcoins is fashioned to boost financial inclusion and possibly make global transactions. Furthermore, a great number of merchants worldwide are starting to accept bitcoin as payments, both in offline and online world.

There is increasing legal recognition, a growing usability, and acceptance, while the original, political reasons leading to Bitcoin’s popularity are strong as ever. Bitcoin, it has proven that currently in the upcoming digital age it’s the best product as the store of value which is most secure, easy to move, liquid with the very limited supply of 21 million.

Here Comes DASH – Is it Next in Line?

Dash (DASH) is a next-generation digital currency based on the Bitcoin software.

It aims to be the most user-friendly and most on-chain-scalable cryptocurrency in the world. On top of Bitcoin’s feature set, it currently offers instant transactions (InstantSend) and private transactions (PrivateSend). It operates a self-governing and self-funding model that enables the Dash network to pay individuals and businesses to perform work that adds value to the network.

It aims to be the most user-friendly and most on-chain-scalable cryptocurrency in the world. On top of Bitcoin’s feature set, it currently offers instant transactions (InstantSend) and private transactions (PrivateSend). It operates a self-governing and self-funding model that enables the Dash network to pay individuals and businesses to perform work that adds value to the network.

One of the major thing that Dash work well is giving its users an added privacy upon completing transacitons. The Dash Masternodes network gives these services, while incentivizing as well the users in order not to spend their balance in the wallet. To add, Dash is forming quite an impact with regards to the industry of point-of-sale, through strategic partnerships. With all the things considered, Dash gives helpful service to people aiming for those traits specifically.

Dash was recently listed on Qryptos and Quoinex. The former is a cryptocurrency-only trading platform. The later is a crypto-fiat exchange. Both platforms are owned and operated by Japanese startup Quoine.

The listing means that Dash will be available for trade against several notable currencies. Among them are the Japanese yen (JPY), and the euro (EUR). It could potentially become available to trade against other minor currencies as well. For example, the Hong Kong dollar (HKD), the Singapore dollar (SGD), the Indonesian rupiah (IDR), the Indian rupee (INR), and the Philippine peso (PHP).

Last but not least, this would make Dash available to trade against cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum.